Fulton Contact Info, Suggested Phone and Email Scripts Re Fulton County Animal Services




Email to County officials and Commissioners and the Press:

Fulton County is currently reviewing bids for the provision of animal services and a vote is imminent.  I am writing to express my support for LifeLine Animal Project and encourage you to consider LifeLine as the best qualified of the two bidders.

LifeLine Animal Project maintains an excellent reputation due it its ten-year history of saving animals and providing services to the public.  LifeLine operates shelters and low-cost spay/neuter clinics, provides veterinary services under a contract with DeKalb County Animal Services, manages an annual budget of over $1 Million, and
already has an extensive network of volunteers, pet foster homes, and private donors.

The other bidder, The Siwel Group, LLC, is a for-profit consulting firm whose ability to recruit volunteers and solicit private donations to provide additional services and programs at no cost to the public will be limited. In reality a for profit will require much more money to operate as little to no costs can be offset by donations and that impacts services. Additionally, Siwel’s prospective Director of FCAS, Ron Totten, has a track record of failed leadership at the shelter, as evidenced by the kill rate of over 80% during his tenure as Director of FCAS and the public outcry that occurred the last time he attempted to regain control of the shelter in 2003.
Totten has failed to demonstrate his ability to manage a service-oriented animal control agency or maximize live outcomes, and with a stellar alternative like LifeLine, there is no reason to put our community, reputation, and pets at risk.  Moreover, The Siwel Group’s status as a for-profit company will likely conflict with the community’s expectation that tax dollars will go toward the care of pets and public services.  With LifeLine, Fulton County Animal Services has the potential to be a source of pride and additional revenue for the County and a model for other animal control agencies.

You demonstrated Fulton values animal welfare with the ban on bull hooks for several elephants who are only in our city for two weeks a year. It is unthinkable that you would willingly provide inhumane animal services to our county’s shelter animals, most of whom are simply constituents’ lost pets.


Your Name and if a voter or constituent be sure and state that here.


Phone Script:

May I speak with _________ regarding Fulton County Animal Services? This issue is critical to my vote in the next election.  I am calling to express my support for LifeLine Animal Project and to insist you select LifeLine as the only qualified vendor of the two bidders and to let you know the Siwel Group is not acceptable.
Thank you.




Interim County Manager, R. David Ware, 404-612-0246,


Department of Purchasing & Contract Compliance:
Felicia Strong-Whitaker, Interim Director, 404-612-7981/4204,
Charles Leonard, Chief Purchasing Agent, 404-612-5823,


Department of Planning & Community Services:
Randy Beck, Director, 404-612-8053, Randy.Beck@fultoncountyga.gov
Tony Phillips, Assistant Director, 404-612-5347, Tony.Phillips@fultoncountga.gov


John H. Eaves, PH.D., Chairman, District 1 (at large),
john.eaves@fultoncountyga.gov, 404-612-8206
Robb Pitts, District 2 (at large), robb.pitts@fultoncountyga.gov, 404-612-8210
Liz Hausmann, District 3, liz.hausmann@fultoncountyga.gov, 404-612-8213
Tom Lowe, District 4, tom.lowe@fultoncountyga.gov, 404-612-8218
Emma I. Darnell, Commission Vice Chair, District 5,
emma.darnell@fultoncountyga.gov, 404-612-8222
Joan P. Garner, District 6, joan.garner@fultoncountyga.gov, 404-612-8226

William “Bill” Edwards, District 7,
commissioner.edwards@fultoncountyga.gov, 404-612-8230

You can also contact members of the PRESS who have been reporting on Fulton County Animal Services:

Randy Travis randy.travis@foxtv.com

David Wickert dwickert@ajc.com


The meetings of the Commissioners are held in the Assembly Hall on the ground floor of the Fulton County Government Center, 141 Pryor Street, and the next four will take place on the following dates: Jan. 9, Jan. 23, Feb. 6, and Feb. 20. You must be there day of before 10 am to sign up for 2 minutes of speaking time. You can give your two minutes to someone else after you sign so they can have more time too.




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  1. Laurel Neverdahl

    Please select LifeLine Animal Project for nagging the animal shelter. We thank you. The animals deserve more!

    1. admin

      We agree as we are posting that info. Please send your comment to the Fulton decision makers and press contacts provided on this website. Thanks again!

    2. admin

      We agree as we are posting that info. Please send your comment to the Fulton decision makers and press contacts provided on this website. Thanks again!

  2. Mercedes Caballero

    Please select LifeLine!

  3. MG Poliakoff

    Please do not even consider any other provider other than Lifeline Atlanta to take over the care of homeless animals for Fulton County. We need an organization that is dedicated to the welfare and life saving dedication of these animals, not the destruction of them.

    We need an organization with experience and dedication to animals who has a proven good track record, not an agency like the Swivel Group with no experience that will set us back 100 year and make Ga a national disgrace.

    There should be no decision to make. Lifeline Atlanta is the choice hands down. Please make the only humane decision for the welfare of these helpless animals. We must do the moral thing by these animals and save them, not destroy them like garbage. They can help human in so many ways.

    Marilyn Poliakoff’

    1. admin

      Thank you for your support but this wonderful comment needs to go to the Commissioners and decision makers.

    2. admin

      Marilyn, here is the petition for you to sign. Thanks!

  4. Jackie Epping

    Any guidance for those of us who live outside of Fulton County but still want to support this?

    1. admin

      Hi Jackie, Yes thanks for asking. Fulton needs to know the eyes of the entire state if not country are upon us. You can sign the petition and share. Also alert the press and/or your local Patch. http://www.change.org/petitions/fulton-county-government-select-lifeline-animal-project-to-run-fulton-county-animal-services
      Complete details and facts here http://petadvocatesnetwork.org/wordpress/2013/01/06/animal-lovers-urgent-action-needed/


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