URGENT Fulton County Animal Services – Pets in Danger

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http://petadvocatesnetwork.essenceoasis.com/wordpress/2013/01/23/fulton-county-proposes-ending-animal-services-for-fulton-cities/ Fulton County Proposes Ending Animal Service for Fulton Cities

1/17/13 http://www.myfoxatlanta.com/story/20616742/supportive-emails-could-disqualify-shelters-bid-to-run-fulton-county-animal-services Randy Travis from Fox 5 Atlanta News reports.

http://petadvocatesnetwork.essenceoasis.com/wordpress/2013/01/10/extremely-urgent-county-is-trying-to-disqualify-lifeline-to-the-commission/ – The County is trying to wrongfully disqualify LifeLine – don’t let them – stand up and be heard! Pets are counting on us!

The County will be voting on who to pick on JANUARY 23RD!  BE HEARD! Please insure it is LifeLine, not Siwel and not them taking it inhouse! Email us if you can make it to the meeting on the 23rd and if not please take 30 seconds and sign the petition and/or call/write the decision makers.

http://petadvocatesnetwork.essenceoasis.com/wordpress/2013/01/ – all Updates in January on one page

http://petadvocatesnetwork.essenceoasis.com/wordpress/2013/01/08/petition-tell-fulton-county-to-select-lifeline-for-animal-services/ – The Petition. Read, sign, share.

https://www.change.org/petitions/fulton-county-government-select-lifeline-animal-project-to-run-fulton-county-animal-services Direct link to The Petition.

http://petadvocatesnetwork.essenceoasis.com/wordpress/2013/01/06/animal-lovers-urgent-action-needed/ – Explicit details over why LifeLine is the obvious choice and Siwel would be disastrous

http://petadvocatesnetwork.essenceoasis.com/wordpress/2013/01/07/for-ga-rescues-urgent-email-regarding-fulton-county-animal-services/ – For GA rescues

http://petadvocatesnetwork.essenceoasis.com/wordpress/2013/01/07/reasons-fulton-county-must-choose-lifeline-over-siwel/ – A short list of reasons

Watch Alison Hector inform the Commissioners about the Petition and why LifeLine is the only competent provider

Fulton Contact Info, Suggested Phone and Email Scripts Re Fulton County Animal Services

 PETITION YOU CAN SIGN: http://www.change.org/petitions/fulton-county-government-select-lifeline-animal-project-to-run-fulton-county-animal-services *********************************************************************************************************************************** Email to County officials and Commissioners and the Press: Fulton County is currently reviewing bids for the provision of animal services and a vote is imminent.  I am writing to express my support for LifeLine Animal Project and encourage you to consider LifeLine as the best qualified of the …

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Ron Totten and Fulton County Animal Services

 Totten proposal to reduce services –  Letter his company sent the county to justify his ridiculous low ball bid in 2003 with drastic cuts to services including less days open for adoptions and lowering the hold time for lost animals. This meant many more pets would die yet again under his reign. Ron Totten Shelter …

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