Louisiana Animal Shelter Abuse and Reform Articles


Crowley Louisiana

SHELTER LA Animal Cruelty Investigation at City of Crowley Animal Shelter _ KATC.com _ Acadiana-Lafayette, Louisiana


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  1. Eva Huval

    xxxxx, Lafayette, LA. There is a woman that lives at that address. She is on her second or third dachshund that she overfeeds. She is pumped up on prescription medication, and even gives valium to her dogs. The dachshunds die because she overfeeds them treats all day long, plus McDonalds. She treats her dogs as though they were children (only, they are abused children.) She never walks them, nor does she allow them to experience play time. It’s very sad, that she can turn a healthy dog into a dog that has to be put down. I hope someone can help Tuffy and Claire. Especially, Tuffy. I have never seen such an overweight dachshund. That dog deserves a chance, before she kills it, like she did her first dachshund, Queeniie. If you can’t help these poor defenseless pups, maybe you can direct me to someone that can help.


    1. admin

      Have you contacted your local animal control or other rescues in your area?

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