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  1. Jamie

    I have a question. I am currently trying to convince my local board of commissioners to support and implement a volunteer program at the county animal control office. I need to get the shelters yearly report stating how many animals were adopted and how many were killed. Can someone give me some insite on where I can find that information?

    1. admin

      Every state has a Freedom of Information Act, that means you are entitled to do a open record request for any government records. Your state Attorney General’s and or Secretary of State’s website should have more detailed information. The shelter may also voluntarily give it to you if you ask them.

  2. Advocates for Companion Animals

    Please consider joining our group at We are working to improve the lives of companion animals living in deplorable conditions in rural Tennessee. Tennessee is ranked one of the worst with animal abuse laws being ignored by Law Officials and the Judicial System. This is not acceptable. Thank you for your support.

  3. Save A Dog Rescue

    Changes need to be made at the City of Gary, Indiana Animal Control. Either shut down the facility and transport the dogs to a nearby no-kill shelter, or fire the staff and get a new building. Too many details to list here, but please read and sign the petition.

    The Mayor of Gary has issued a response to the petition which we posted, and oddly enough her solution is to have ARC President Scotlund Haisley do an assessment of the facility and offer recommendations. We searched for information on him and found your site and your article.

    Any more information on him would be appreciated

    1. admin

      We have no further information on him.

  4. noved9769

    NJ residents Be Aware Of Fictitious Non-Profit Rescue/Adoption Operations such as Paula’s Dog House. Current lawsuit in effect for selling sick puppies for profit. Ongoing investigation and multiple pending lawsuits include all affiliations of Paula’s Dog House.

    1. Lindsay


      can you give me more information about this – I just adopted a dog from the this organization. And now just found this post?

      Thank you,


      1. Suzanne

        Yes please, I am supposed to meet a puppy this weekend and planned on bringing my family to meet them. How did the dog you adopted work out?

    2. OU812

      I have information and am looking for further information regarding this organization. It appears Paula may be expanding and now working in more than one state. She IS NOT a registered charity or non-profit. The dogs are kept in deplorable conditions. I have been trying to have the SPCA help but have never received any responses to my “tips”. She is still operating this illegal dog “rescue”.

      1. Frank

        Please contact me via email. I have questions.

        1. Frank

          Oops. I guess you can’t. Did you contact any other organization? Try animal control.

          1. Yessie

            Does anyone have updated info on this rescue? I filled out an application for a dog and want to know if I should proceed?!

    3. Alexandra

      My family adopted a puppy through Paula’s Dog House in February. The litter was in a foster home with a very clean environment (family dog and children were also present). Our puppy was/is perfectly healthy. The process was easy, and didn’t cost any more than we would have paid to an animal shelter.

  5. Amy Hinz Sweet

    I am really glad to have found Pet Advocates Network. It looks like you have a lot of the resources I am looking to share and a mission that is very compatible with my own.

    I am starting up a new Facebook page called Dog Rescue Resources dedicated to changing the way rescuers see themselves and how the world sees us. My vision is a world where animal rescuers are not constantly struggling for money to carry on their work, where we take care of ourselves and each other emotionally and spiritualy as well as with co-operation and support. I would love it if you would lock arms with us and together we can create this brave new world.

    1. admin

      Thank you Amy and best wishes! Let me know if I can help.

  6. lirio

    Hello everyone I live in Escondido ca im currently renting a mobile home in a nice quiet community I’ve lived here for 6 yrs now I’ve had my small dog with me since then I got it for my daughter cuz at the time she was going through some depression and she has had him since she was in kindergarten she m ow is in high school a few months ago my husband had 2spinal lumbar surgeries he had to quit his job and he started suffering from anxiety and depression himself also so our pet has and is a big part of our daily life but now my complex changed manager and now im served with a 3 day notice to get rid of my dog or move out….I cant afford to move and we have never had a problem he is an indoor animal I dont know what to do any advice would be greatly appreciated

    1. admin

      Have the dog declared a therapy dog (for depression etc.) by your doctor. Then it may be illegal for the landlord to kick you out due to your pet.

  7. Gordon Randall

    I am suspicious of a “liaison” service soliciting donations via Facebook from here in No Carolina. They call themselves “Friend of Shelter”. Claim 501(c)3 status. Located in Bladen County, Elizabethtown, NC. Do U have info re their org ??

  8. Josephine Ann Egge

    I’m begging for your help please

    On March 13 my puppy Pancake was wrongfully adopted by someone from the Hawk Creek Animal Shelter in willmar, mn. He is a tan, fixed-male,Chihuahua, with flopped ears,  small cowlick on hind end. Please return my little puppy back to his living family that misses him dearly
    Call Josie 320.905.3883

    Please visit my blog for entire story

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