Dec 24

December 22nd“Animal Rescues- Legit or Scams” will be discussed with Director of Pet Advocates Network , Alison Hector


I was the guest on a important and insightful animal welfare show this past Monday with Tina Evangelista-Eppenstein. Tune in to learn more and listen to past episodes. ALISON HECTOR AS GUEST SPEAKER RE-BROADCAST ON ANIMAL WELFARE TV SHOW ON PET RESCUE SCAMS – LISTEN HERE

Animal Welfare Issues

Tina Evangelista-Eppenstein is a TV Talk Show Host, Speaker, Writer, and Advocate who writes and speaks on a variety of important issues affecting animals on a local, national and international level. She has done interviews on tv, radio, in newspapers and also has given speeches. Creating awareness of these important topics is key to implementing action to help animals according to Tina. She also likes to inform people of organizations and people who help animals. Tina also delves into her own personal experiences with animals. If you have a topic or tip, please feel free to contact Tina at tevangelistaepp@yahoo.com