Jan 10

EXTREMELY URGENT! County IS Trying to Disqualify LifeLine to the Commission

January 9th 2013 Commissioners Meeting Animal Control Update

http://tinyclip.tv/331ea72e Video Clip of Animal Control Update


An informal recommendation was already made and from the comments at the meeting and it obviously WASN’T LifeLine since apparently a memo was disseminated to the Commissioners on January 4th by the selection committee that had some *issue* with LifeLine.

Also the Acting County Manager, David Ware who is also the County Attorney, is annoyed by all of our emails as a result of this Petition on behalf of LifeLine. He is investigating disqualifying them.

This does sound like they are coming up with excuses AGAIN to bring Totten in. Please even more so now keep your comments and signatures coming. The Commissioners are listening! (In fact one even liked and used my quote about making our shelter a “world class facility”)

NOTE: This is like the movie “Groundhog Day”. 10 years ago the County wanted Ron Totten and tried to disqualify Southern Hope using the same types of contrived “issues” to justify it. Luckily the Commissioners heard from many citizens on the matter and didn’t buy it.

I hope they realize that the public outcry if they select Totten/Siwel will be unlike anything they heard before!