Monthly Archive: April 2012

Apr 21

The Truth About Pet Pardons – Scotlund Haisley

 MORE Pet Pardons Scandals. Did you ever notice how Pet Pardons 99% of the time only raises money for their friends? ( And two of three of their friends also are principals of Pet Pardons. Lucky Dog Rescue and Horse Plus Humane) So in essence Pet Pardons benefits from the money raised for their friends. …

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Apr 19

Latest Pet Pardons Potential Scam – Jeromie Williams Threatens Rescue

 Breaking news regarding more shocking behavior by Jeromie Williams a principal of Pet Pardons. As promised here is a portion of the shocking, threatening, obscene, hateful voicemail left by Jeromie Williams Director of Pet Pardons Canada to one of the members of the Operation Sled Dogs Rescue to silence them about asking for and discussing …

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Apr 08

Pet Pardon’s Chip In’s Alleged Scams

 Yep, there is one born every minute. No not talking about the alleged “overpopulation” myth hyped by Pet Pardons, but rather the suckers that continue to blindly to donate money to “chip ins” for any cause that Pet Pardons espouses. After faithfully following my former Internet friend Chris Hoar, co-founder of Pet Pardons,I became increasingly …

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Apr 03

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