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Pet Advocates Network is a project focused on bettering homeless pets across various platforms.

It includes high quality Internet resources and utilizes social media to present concerns, options and solutions for homeless pets.

One goal is to be public inclusive with interactive media.

What can you expect to see?

  • Shows with shelters/rescues and their adoptable pets
  • Interviews with leading animal advocates
  • Updates and discussions on political advocacy
  • Current laws pending that affect animal rights/ welfare
  • Presentations of products and software in our industry
  • Central reservoir for pet oriented blogs
  • Access to seminars books and reviews, and much more.

Due to it’s encompassing centralized all things homeless pet focus there will be a great opportunity for participants to reach an ever widening audience for maximum presence and ability to go virile in an explosive way. Twitter @petadvocatesnet or email petadvocatesnetwork@gmail.com

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  1. Linda

    Dear Governor Stark, (mistake of title)

    I am writing to you regarding the non profit horse rescue Horse Plus Humane Society and Pet Pardon. 

    I am requesting that there be a formal investigation of this organization. I was recently introduced to a horse owner in Fresno by the name of Harold Kelly. He had gotten into a bad situation with his horses due to his fences being burned down and then health issues. His herd of horses quickly grew to approx 150 horses in his land (about 500 acres). He was working with a rescue called Back in the Saddle Project to help find homes for them. He was giving away the horses and later started selling for a small amount of money. I was put into contact with him directly due to shortly finding that the horses were NOT really “rescue” horses. They were being well taken care of and healthy. He needed help with splitting his herd and down sizing. I went out on June 3, 2012 to meet with Harold on his land. I was amazed at how friendly they were. It was clear that he took very good care of his horses and loved them. Most of them were fat and looked great. There was a FEW thin ones but my observation was those ones had just foaled and were nursing or they had baby by side and were large in the tummy area but you could see ribs. I assumed those were again pregnant with foal and nursing still. I was able to pick out any horse that I wanted except for a few little ones that were already spoken for. I was not asked for any money for the horses. I offered him $60 in cash for the feed we used during the day in rounding the horses up. 

    I could NOT be any happier with my equine additions to my family. 

    I was disturbed to hear about this other rescue H+ and Pet Pardon via Facebook. I have had no prior experience with any of these rescues so I have/had no preconceived opinions. These two “rescues” had posted pictures of thin horses from this man Harold. They called the the Fresno horses. They just blasted this man with untrue statements about him and his horses. They said the horses were in a emergency situation and they were starving to death. They said they were eating dirt and there was no grass to eat. On later posts they said the brought in a truck load of hay for the horses. From my understanding it WAS NOT a truck load but several bales of hay. They claimed the were surrendered 60-85 horses I think and needed donations! That is so not true! They were given I believe in the 20’s range of horses. When Harold saw the pictures posted and the nasty things being said about him he stopped giving them horses. These were NOT rescue horses. They needed to be put in good homes as he could not continue to take care of this many horses with his health and it had just gotten out if control. 

    My complaint is this non profit organization lied about him and the horses! They asked for emergency help and donations when the facts they presented were false and misleading. I tried to talk with them via their FB page but I found out very quickly that they censor who can post on the web site. They deleted many of my posts and then blocked me. From what I’ve read on other rescue sites that is common practice for them! They don’t want donators to know the truth!! Pet Pardon did the same thing. They censored the FB site and supported H+ by sharing the info on their site and asking for donations for the horses. 
    From what I’ve been told the “kill” rate is high for this so called rescue. They put down horses that have ” behavioral issue” or BABIES!! This is just wrong and unethical! 

    I want to know where all this reported income by them is going? Did Harold receive any money from them to help take care of the remaining horses till homes were found. My understanding is NO he hasn’t received any money. 

    They are a dishonest organization and possibly using donated funds illegally. I don’t know that as fact but that’s my observation. People need to know what is going on! 

    I am requesting that you please investigate these two rescues, H+ and Pet Pardon and file charges for soliciting funds for a untrue “emergency” situation!!

    If you have any questions feel free to call me.


  2. admin

    Thanks so much for doing this Linda!

    1. Linda

      Please though my first post had address. I can repost without my address

  3. admin

    No worries. They are a psychotic bunch and it was removed for your safety.

    1. Linda

      I can see it though??? I kinda figured that and freaked out… Lol

      1. Linda

        Thank you:)

      2. admin

        Refresh your page. It is not on my public page.

    2. admin

      *Disclaimer. I do not hold a degree in psychiatry nor psychology – and deeming them as psychotic was purely my opinion ( Ok but there must be something really wrong with the one that makes violent threats to children dogs and rescues) 😉

  4. Linda

    Charges filed? This now opens the door for further investigations into misappropriate use of donor funds. 🙂


  5. Nicholas Susco

    My name is Nicholas Troy Susco, and I am about to file criminal charges in Fort Bend County, TX against the
    URL listed above for theft, for violating the laws concerning a lost or neglected animam. Seeing as the law is very vague regarding who the rightful owner is, had to research the rules that a nonprofit animal rescue organization must follow. The admin for this site is Susan Colliauit, as she is a computer engineer. We contacted our local shelter to find that nobody had brought Lucy their. Upon further investigation into finding my Dochshound Lucy strange things begin to happen. The mailman asked why we took her picture down from the central mailbox for all houses on our street. We were so upset as we NEVER DID, as then we started to realize the situation has become criminal. My wife MINERVA Deleon then had the idea to check animal rescue sites in or near Houston, TX. That was when we found Lucy on dreamdochs.org. Susan who we now realize runs the entire operation had our dog. We were so happy as we thought as a organization dedicated to placing the breed in a good home would give her back. That was so far from the truth. Everything from this point forward is documented. She first tried extorting $1,300 as she said they took all of her teeth out but 2! Please call me as I am moving forward to press charges. What I will state is she bragged or played the part of savior of a dog she admitted to taking off someones porch because it was too fat! 832-845-1204. P. S. She put the dog to sleep, and my wife emailing her to chastise, now has an automated response asking for a donation for am animal she killed because Of a tumor.

  6. Josephine Ann Egge

    The shelter didn’t wait the give time before placing my dog up for adoption! !

    On March 13 my puppy Pancake was wrongfully adopted by someone from the Hawk Creek Animal Shelter in willmar, mn. He is a tan, fixed-male,Chihuahua, with flopped ears,  small cowlick on hind end. Please return my little puppy back to his living family that misses him dearly
    Call Josie 320.905.3883

    Please visit my blog for entire story


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